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By Albuquerque Associated Podiatrists
November 19, 2019
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If you are dealing with recurring fungal infection here’s how our podiatry team can help.

Fungal infections within the toenails are the most common types of foot infections. Fungus loves to live in warm, damp environments like locker rooms, showers and swimming pools. If you are dealing with a fungal infection of the toenail it’s important to know how to treat the problem and when you may need to turn to our Albuquerque, NM, podiatrists for care.

Signs of a Toenail Fungus

How do you know that your toenails may be infected? All you have to do is to a look at them. If one of your nails looks discolored (fungus usually causes the nail to turn yellow), thicker than the rest or brittle then chances are good that you are dealing with a fungus. While other issues can cause these same symptoms, most of the time a fungal infection is to blame.

In more severe instances the nail may curl, cause you pain or smell bad. These are also symptoms that warrant attention from one of our Albuquerque, NM, foot doctors.

When to See a Doctor

You shouldn’t just wait for symptoms to get worse before seeing someone. If you suspect that you may have a nail infection but you’ve never had one before then it may be a good idea to see a doctor to get a proper diagnosis.

Fungal infections can get worse if left untreated or not properly treated. If you notice that the nail has turned brown or black, if the nail is pulling away from the nail bed or if it causes you pain then you need to see a podiatrist.

Patients who’ve been diagnosed with diabetes or have circulation problems in their feet should also see a doctor immediately if they notice any changes in their toenails. Do not try and treat the problem on your own. A doctor will provide you with the treatment you need to prevent infection or other complications.

Treating a Fungal Infection

While there are some over-the-counter treatment options that don’t require a prescription from your doctor, some of these at-home treatments won’t be as effective. Sometimes the infection may even return. If this happens you will need to find a more effective option.

A podiatrist can provide you with topical medicines that you can apply or paint on the nail to attack the fungus. Topical medication can’t penetrate through the hard layers of the nail so these medications aren’t always effective. If topical medications don’t work our doctor may recommend oral medication, which can systemically kill the infection. Those patients dealing with severe, treatment-resistant or recurring fungal infections may benefit from laser fungal treatment.

Are you battling recurrent or severe toenail fungus? If this is a problem that is happening regularly it’s worth talking to Albuquerque Associated Podiatrists to find out what’s going on. Call our podiatry team today.