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By Albuquerque Associated Podiatrists
October 22, 2019
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Diabetes is a disease that not only causes elevated blood sugar levels but can have dangerous effects on your feet. Proper care and Diabetic_Footregular foot exams are essential in keeping your diabetic feet safe and healthy. If you have ingrown toenails, slow to heal sores or excessive swelling, numbness, or tingling in your feet, you should get your feet examined to prevent any complications or further issues.

Diabetes can cause nerve damage and reduced blood flow to your feet. As a result, you may not be able to feel pain in your feet and recognize irritation or cuts which can lead to sores, infections or wounds which are slow or unable to heal.

What can you do to care for diabetic feet?

  • Always wear shoes, both indoors and outdoors, and inspect the insides for pebbles or objects which could irritate your feet
  • Wear clean socks made of moisture wicking fabric. You can find socks with extra padding and a higher cut made specifically made for diabetic feet
  • Keep your feet free from moisture and consider using antiperspirant on the underside of your foot if you experience heavy sweating
  • Cut your toenails straight across, filing away sharp edges, and consult a doctor for treatment of calluses, warts or corns rather than attempting it at home
  • Clean your feet gently with lukewarm water and dry them with a light touch
  • Keep the area between your toes dry, using moisturizer only on the tops and bottoms of your feet
  • Properly care for your diabetes by monitoring your blood sugar levels, exercising and not smoking
  • Do not use hot water bottles or heating devices on your feet
  • Contact Albuquerque Associated Podiatrists if you notice swelling, sores or cuts on your feet and have your feet regularly examined by your doctor

Contact Dr. Zachary Haas of Albuquerque Associated Podiatrists at (505) 247-4164 for all your diabetic foot care needs.