Find an End to Your Heel Pain
By Albuquerque Associated Podiatrists
July 26, 2017
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You may not pay much attention to your feet until you're in pain. Then, every step you take hurts, and you just want the pain to stop. Heel heel painpain is one of the most difficult kind of podiatric discomforts, but the expert staff at Albuquerque Associated Podiatrists in Albuquerque, NM, can help. Whether a patient suffers from heel spurs, heel fissures or Haglund's Deformity, Dr. Zachary Haas, Dr. Mark Haas and Dr. Matthew Cobb can pinpoint the cause and offer precise and compassionate care to help every step you take be pain-free.

Kinds of heel pain in Albuquerque

Have you ever heard of plantar fasciitis and heel spurs? If you're middle-aged or older, you may have personally experienced these painful and worrisome conditions. Both cause pain that begins at the heel and moves across the plantar fascia, the band of connective tissue that stretches from the heel to the base of the toes.

Plantar fasciitis is inflammatory, causing redness, swelling and constant aching pain. It's worse when rising in the morning but continues with stiffness throughout the day. Often, small spurs, or bony projections off the front of the heel bone, accompany plantar fasciitis and add to its immobility and discomfort.

Our podiatrists notice that people with high arches, flat feet, poorly supporting footwear and weight issues suffer from plantar fasciitis and heel spurs. Thankfully, they have many ways to treat this foot problem that affects nearly 2 million Americans (according to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons).

Treatments include:

  • NSAIDS, such as ibuprofen
  • Rest
  • Custom-made shoe inserts (orthotics) or night splints
  • Cortisone shots
  • Padding
  • Physical therapy
  • Stretching exercises
  • ESWT, or extracorporeal shock wave therapy when less conservative measures are ineffective
  • Plantar fascia release surgery
  • Bone spur removal

Other foot problems may cause heel pain, too. Heel fissures, or deeply cracked skin on the sides and bottom of the heel, bleed, snag hosiery and are very uncomfortable. Sandal straps, dry skin and eczema cause this common but treatable podiatric issue. Dr. Haas recommends shoes with good support and daily application of moisturizers to heal the cracks and soothe sore skin.

Finally, our podiatrists sometimes see a condition called Haglund's Deformity. Basically, Haglund's Deformity is a bump located on the back of the heel bone. Physical irregularities such as a tight Achilles tendon or high arches contribute to the painful problem, but the wrong shoes worsen it, too.

For instance, runners typically wear sneakers which high and stiff backs. These shoes, and others, combined with repetitive motion, increase the size of the heel bone. Anti-inflammatory medications help as does shoe padding or simply changing shoe style. In severe cases, though, the doctors at Albuquerque Associated Podiatrists recommend surgery to reduce the size of the heel bone.

End that heel pain

You can by contacting Albuquerque Associated Podiatrists. Make an appointment for a consultation in Albuquerque, NM, and learn what you can do to have feet that feel great. Call (505) 247-4164.