FAQs about Orthotics
By Albuquerque Associated Podiatrists
April 30, 2019
Category: Podiatry
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Finding out that you need to wear an orthotic device in your shoe can be overwhelming news; there are a lot of different types available orthoticnow, and that can make it hard to know where to start. That's why working with podiatrists like Drs. Mark Haas, Zachery Haas, and Matthew Cobb of Haas Foot and Ankle is so important! Read on to learn more about how orthotics from their Albuquerque office can benefit your foot!


Who needs orthotics?

Orthotics can help patients deal with a variety of conditions. Their basic purpose is to provide stability and comfort to the feet or ankles after an injury or once a structural problem has been diagnosed. Worn inside the shoe, cushioned orthotics can also help to protect foot ulcers, an especially important factor for diabetic patients, who need to keep these injuries clean and undisturbed while they heal. Additionally, orthotics can assist with correcting leg, hip, and back problems by changing the way a person balances when they stand or walk.


Can I purchase orthotics at my local pharmacy?

If you have a small bunion or mild plantar fasciitis, an over-the-counter cushion or shoe insert could help relieve some discomfort in the short term. However, custom orthotics from your Albuquerque podiatrist provide much more stability and comfort, especially when you have structural problems with your foot or difficulty walking. Furthermore, custom orthotics take into consideration the size of your foot, its pressure points, and the specific problems you have—factors that OTC products are unable to take into consideration.


What type of shoes do I need to wear with orthotics?

Your Albuquerque podiatrist will provide you with specific shoe brands and styles for your condition, but the basic starting point for anyone who needs orthotics is to select footwear that leaves plenty of room and provides the proper balance of cushioning and support. This is not only to allow room for the orthotic, but also to accommodate your feet and toes as well.


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